Marco Artesiani

Marco Artesani is one of Factum Films co-founders. His professional career began at a very young age, maturing numerous and diversified work experiences that led him in a few years to become a manager first, then CEO and finally culminating in his career as an entrepreneur. It is thanks to his foresight in creating business and strong interpersonal skills that Marco had the opportunity to combine his name with numerous successful brands linked to the world of beauty and beyond.

His brands are characterized by a contemporary and harmonious vision of beauty and a mission based on the promotion of values ​​and principles also through the support of important charity projects. Hand in hand with this commitment, Marco has always been involved, for passion, with photography, art and communication.

He has co-produced numerous films and with one of his brands: Cotril, he has affirmed over the years his presence in major international film events such as the Venice Film Festival and the Rome Film Festival, of which he is a sponsor.

Projects involving Marco Artesiani

Pocket Money

Seven young aspiring models move to Milan after being discovered by a model scout. The glamorous dream vanishes upon impact with the fashion capital's harsh reality.

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Fatto in Italia

In the city of Prato, a thousand-year history of textile artisanship clashes with Chinese pronto moda bearing the coveted “Made in Italy”  label. A volatile set for two young lovers - one Italian, one Chinese – must overcome racism, stereotyping, expectations and fears. Just within their own families.

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Set in a world of smuggling ancient artifacts, JADE is a wild ride adventure full of crosses and double-crosses, that keeps everyone guessing until the end.

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Empire of Havana

In 1950s Havana, a young Cuban street thug and a fiery university student get pulled into the orbit of Mob financier Meyer Lansky as he attempts to carve out an empire of gambling drugs and prostitution as the winds of revolution gather around them...  

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TINA is a six-hour historical drama series chronicling the extraordinary life and times of Tina Modotti. Actor, Model, Hollywood femme fatale, photographer, activist, revolutionary. Her many transformations put her in front and center in the most important artistic, political and historical moments of the 20th century.

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FOUNDERS  Mariela Garriga, Marco Artesani & Gabriel Beristain

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